6 12 2012

palestinianflagThe Palestinian flag will never fly over Israel. Palestinian demands for “peace” are completely impossible. The land has been given by Yehovah God to Israel for an everlasting possession.

“Also I give to you and your descendants after you the land in which you are a stranger, all the land of Canaan, as an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.” Genesis 17:8

Here are the practical reasons:

  1. No Jews allowed in Palestine.
  2. Five million Arabs must be allowed to move into Israel (Yes, Israel, not Palestine).
  3. A land corridor must DIVIDE Israel connecting Gaza and the West Bank, so Palestine will not be divided?!? What?
  4. Palestine borders make Israel indefensible.
  5. The last “talks” were held after Abbas demanded Israel declare a moratorium on building in the West Bank for ten months. Israel succumbed and Abbas still refused for eight months and then demanded Israel extend the moratorium, because two months was too short to talk. I am not making this up. You can see a pattern here. Abbas always adds conditions that are impossible for Israel to meet, although Israel repeatedly states it will meet anytime with no pre-conditions. Yet, the international response is to always condemn Israel for the failure to meet.
  6. Palestine in unilaterally upgraded to observer state status by the UN General Assembly and Israel announces new building projects the same week. Is Palestine condemned for its illegal violations of the Oslo Accords? Of course not, Israel is castigated for building homes for their citizens. The world is “outraged” and the US finds it “unhelpful” and it (building homes) will threaten the peace process! What peace process? The process was cancelled by the Palestinian Authority’s unilateral UN action.

This brings us to the two state solution. It is impossible. It is about Israel’s very right to exist, as a Jewish state, that is at stake here. Even the wisdom of Solomon cannot solve it. Remember the time two mothers claimed the same baby? The real mother refused to cut the baby in half, but lying woman was okay with that.

Some time later two prostitutes came to the king to have an argument settled. “Please, my lord,” one of them began, “this woman and I live in the same house. I gave birth to a baby while she was with me in the house. Three days later this woman also had a baby. We were alone; there were only two of us in the house. “But her baby died during the night when she rolled over on it. Then she got up in the night and took my son from beside me while I was asleep. She laid her dead child in my arms and took mine to sleep beside her. And in the morning when I tried to nurse my son, he was dead! But when I looked more closely in the morning light, I saw that it wasn’t my son at all.” Then the other woman interrupted, “It certainly was your son, and the living child is mine.” “No,” the first woman said, “the living child is mine, and the dead one is yours.” And so they argued back and forth before the king.

Then the king said, “Let’s get the facts straight. Both of you claim the living child is yours, and each says that the dead one belongs to the other. All right, bring me a sword.” So a sword was brought to the king.
Then he said, “Cut the living child in two, and give half to one woman and half to the other!” Then the woman who was the real mother of the living child, and who loved him very much, cried out, “Oh no, my lord! Give her the child—please do not kill him!” But the other woman said, “All right, he will be neither yours nor mine; divide him between us!” Then the king said, “Do not kill the child, but give him to the woman who wants him to live, for she is his mother!” When all Israel heard the king’s decision, the people were in awe of the king, for they saw the wisdom God had given him for rendering justice.            1 Kings 3:16-28 NLT
That is exactly the choice for Israel. The ones who want to divide the Land of Israel for the sake of compromise, or what the world calls “peace,” are lying, and they are not the true heirs.  (from Aviel Schneider in Israel Today Magazine)
Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists       (READ MORE)
Pray for the true peace of Jerusalem.



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12 12 2012
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