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Tongue of the Prophets – Online Classic biography of Eliezer ben Yehuda by Robert St John

Nehemiah Gordon on Yehovah

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Israel National News (Arutz Sheva)

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All Israel News (Joel Rosenberg)

All Arab News (Joel Rosenberg)

Behold Israel (Amir Tsarfati)

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Israel Hayom

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The Times of Israel

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Jerusalem News Network

the Algemeiner

VFI News Messianic (Barry & Batya Segal)

Kehila News (Messianic)


The Religion of Peace

Elder of Ziyon

Debka File

IDF blog

Western Wall Cam

Middle East Research

Intl. Christian Embassy

Christian Friends of Israel

Bridges For Peace

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Palestinian Media Watch

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Camera Media Watch

Caroline Glick

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Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

11 responses

23 12 2009
Jason Vinley

Dear Les,

A friend of mine, professor of mideast studies at Georgetown, Bob Lieber, recently sent me a Foreign Policy article he penned. I think you’ll find his insights and analogies compelling. Go to:

Merry Christmas.
Jason V.


23 12 2009
Jason Vinley


I sent this once. Hope you get this one. Foreign Policy article written by an
old friend, Bob Lieber, Mideast professor at Georgetown U.

Merry Christmas

Jason V.


4 05 2011
David Roel

Les: I just finished your book Generation Last. A few thoughts regarding it are: I learned a few things I had not known prior to reading the book about Israel and Islam. Your interpretation of some of the scriptures was unique. The conclusion of the book ended with the topic of will it get better or worse. You stated that it would get better for Christians of which I disagree. As the last days begin to overshadow us many Christians will be martyred, as a student of eschatology I feel this observation is fairly obvious. I’m not really sure on your view of the tribulation, but it appears that you believe Christians will be raptured prior to that. I do not hold that view. I feel there are many pitfalls to teaching that Christians will not undergo trials and hardships during the last days. Overall, there are many good points in your book, I just felt it was needed to mention the few points I have.
Be blessed in Yeshua HaMashia


4 05 2011

Thanks for your encouragement David. I share your view actually. My newest book makes the point that there will be martyrs. Generation LIGHT is being published this week.


20 05 2011
Christopher James

Dear Les, When I saw your endorsement for Israel, I felt we needed to connect again. Email me. I don’t yet have plans to visit the Westcoast of FL, but I will be definitely coming your way at least once before the end of the year.
Love N Yahshua, Christopher James, Firstfruits Foundation


20 05 2011

We now live in the Raleigh, NC area. My brother, Ken, is a pastor in Sandpoint, ID and I visit him and preach around the area about once a year. Maybe we could connect on that end if not here. Thanks for the encouraging note.


6 12 2015
Jane Daniel

Sherrill told me that John Fisk has a new book out, and that I could get it on your website. Will that be available soon?


7 12 2015

We will put it in the mail tomorrow! Blessings!


4 01 2016
16 07 2016
Barry Carothers

Dear Les, when and where will you be speaking in CT. I pray for you often.


19 07 2016

Barry, please email me and I will send address at Dayville for July 31.


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