Have You Taken the Mark? July 2016 video on faith over fear.

Egyptians Against Egyptians (click here:) Isaiah 19 video teaching Sept 9, 2012 from River of Life, Sandpoint, Idaho.

Les & Doreen are pleased to announce our new You Tube Channel. It is called The Issachar Forum: A Prophetic Think Tank and can be viewed at this link:

Here is the video link:

We have just uploaded our first video to You Tube. It is a nine minute introduction to the Psalm 83 War and The Issachar Forum: A Prophetic Think Tank. We have been meeting for 8+ years in the Raleigh, NC area on each Sunday night.

For King Jesus and for His Kingdom,     Les & Doreen, Elisha Vision Ministries

Five Minute YouTube vids of Les & John Fisk

Click here for Yahweh Part Two

Audio Classic: That’s My King! (Rev Lockridge’s amazing extemporaneous description of his King, Jesus Christ

2 responses

15 04 2010
Patty Vinley

Hi, Les,
Jason missed the video clip of the Israeli army going into Gaza you shared at the River Church. Would you e-mail me the sight so he may view it. I know he will really enjoy it. My recitation would certainly not have as great an impact as his watching it himself. Thanks, Patty


16 04 2010

Shalom Patty, here is the link to Miracles In Gaza:


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