Podcast: Les teaching on Chaos in Egypt from Isaiah 19, the Arab Spring chapter. This is a 44 minute radio interview on BlogTalk Radio with Brian C. Thomas. Les breaks down Isaiah 19 while also touching on Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38. (Posted 2-8-14. There is a 2 minute intro before the interview.)

Podcast: Les teaching on BlogTalk Radio with ten minutes on each of the Seven Feasts of Yehovah – 7_Feasts_of_the_Lord_Fulfilled_by_Jesus_Christ

January 7, 2011 “Warning To All Believers” This word given by Les for 2011, has deeper application for all Christians as we enter the second half of 2011. (This audio link is a message of about 50 minutes followed by Q & A for another 20 minutes.)

Word for 2011—Watch Your Mouth (from 1-1-11 Elisha Vision Commentary by Les)This is a sharp warning for the new year. Brothers and sisters beware of disrespect for one another. We are a kingdom of priests who function only by the anointing and authority of God in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. There is a sober lesson from Moses’ time. It has been used for years as a defense of leaders and even to support the error of exalting some leaders over the body. “Touch not Mine anointed” has been corrupted by many to defend one man. This is wrong. If we truly believe in the priesthood of all believers, then we must apply this warning both ways. Leaders should also beware of touching God’s anointed throughout the flock. We must respect one another at all times. God can speak through or use any of us at any time. We are all ministers, no exceptions!

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