The Lone Wolf Myth

24 11 2014

synogogue masssacreCalling an Islamic terrorist a lone wolf is perhaps the most miss-leading media narrative. Today’s journalists seem too lazy to think for themselves and so they just repeat all the other writers ad nauseam with little originality or research. Today I will contradict the lone wolf narrative. It was applied to last week’s massacre of four Rabbis in Jerusalem during morning prayers in their synagogue. Three were dual American-Israeli citizens.

On October 22, I spoke of another false narrative, the idea that terrorism is senseless violence. Here is a quote from that essay, which included my comment about the lone wolf idea.

Aren’t you getting sick of the weak clichés describing terrorism? Again today after the terrorist murder in Canada’s capital city, the vapid  news commentator condemned the “senseless violence” of the Muslim terrorist murderer. I don’t object to the phrase simply because it is a cliché, but because it is WRONG!

It makes perfect sense in the mind of a Muslim literalist. It is what Mohammed did. It is what the Koran, Sunnah and Hadith teach….These “lone wolf” actors are NOT “becoming radicalized,” they are becoming converted. They have adopted a complete belief system and follow it as their deadly sincere faith! It is a death cult, and the diametric opposite of Jesus and the Biblical God of love and life, Yehovah. (Elisha Vision Commentary 10-22-14)

The lone wolf myth is dangerous because it minimizes the motivation of the terrorist and divorces him from the underlying ideology that justifies his barbaric actions. I urge you to read a column from Israel National News that really nails this lone wolf myth. Here are a few quotes, but please click on the link and read the entire piece. It is well worth your time.

The perpetrators of Arab/Muslim and Palestinian terrorism are not “lone wolves”, as they have been described, but by-products of a centuries-old intolerant ideology, supported today by educational and religious indoctrination….

At 7:01 am on Tuesday, November 18th, two Palestinian terrorists, Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal, entered the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem where about a dozen people were praying. The two were carrying a gun, a meat cleaver, and an axe. Seven minutes later (to the cries of “Allahu Akbar!”) four of the worshippers were dead, a Druze police officer who tried to rescue them suffered mortal injuries and several others were severely wounded….

In response to the gruesome axe murders and shootings, Palestinians in Gaza and the ‘West Bank‘ erupted in spontaneous celebrations by handing out cookies and candy, dancing in the streets, honking horns, flaunting axes, setting off firecrackers, cheering, holding up posters “honoring” the two “martyrs”, and displaying V-for-victory signs just as they did in the celebrations that followed the September 11th terror attacks and the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th, 2013. The Palestinian Authority referred to the slaughter as a “heroic operation at a religious Zionist institute”….

The Kehilat Yaakov terrorists and others like them were not driven by socio-economic or human rights issues, but by a fanatical worldview which loathes civil liberties and considers Western freedoms to be an abomination. They were motivated and educated by the belief that their murderous actions against Jews would bestow upon them the honorable title of “shahid” (martyr) and that they were fulfilling a holy Islamic mission by murdering Jews and advancing the commandment of jihad….

The Palestinian Authority’s 7th grade textbook “Our Beautiful Language” states: “We shall sow Palestine with shahids (martyrs), skeletons and skulls; we shall paint the face of Palestine with blood. … We are returning home to the plains and mountains (of pre-1967 Israel) led by jihad flags, by bloody struggles, and by the willingness to sacrifice ourselves as martyrs.” (Israel National News – Debunking the “Lone Wolf” Myth)

“So do not be afraid, Jacob, my servant; do not be dismayed, Israel,” says Yehovah. “For I will bring you home again from distant lands, and your children will return from their exile. Israel will return to a life of peace and quiet, and no one will terrorize them. Jeremiah 30:10

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists       (READ MORE)

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