Immigration or Migration?

19 08 2014


Here is more on my concern for America…

Today I am sharing an outstanding six-minute video exposing a myth about immigration. Do you remember the term “bleeding heart liberal”? It carried the inference that some folks used human suffering as a ploy for their political agenda. I need for you to watch this video that proves immigration of poor people to America actually worsens world poverty. It sounds so good that we are helping destitute ones, but wait till you see the effect.

Immigration or Migration? For several years now, I have explained the difference. Immigration involves someone coming to America for the American dream. They are eager to learn English, our culture, our traditions and to generally fit into society. But migration is the opposite. They insist on living here in a sort of parallel universe. This threatens the American way, especially if they happen to be drug cartels or radical Islamists or others intent on the destruction of America.

Should we harden our hearts to a needy world? Of course not, but we should find the best way to help them for the long term. Please watch the video. Here is the link if you cannot see or play the video. Here is another link to a website with more information: Numbers USA has over 2 million members.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists      (READ MORE)



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19 08 2014
Thomas White

Thanks for sharing. Still want to catch up with just had a crazy schedule

Tom White 919-300-7222 Direct Sent from a mobile device



19 08 2014

Me too. Thanks Tom.


23 08 2014
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