God’s Way for Israel vs Man’s Way

31 07 2013

GolanThis is a follow-up to last week’s post: A Peace to End All Peace. Here is more clarity about the futility of the present peace process. Israel Today Magazine this week featured the following headline.

PA minister: New peace talks will help us conquer Israel later. The story continues: Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash reassured everyone last week that the political peace process is just a ruse, and part of a larger scheme to defeat their enemy.

The most amazing part of the story is that the sermon was given with President Abbas sitting in attendance and it was broadcast on official Palestinian TV with no denials. Palestinian proclamations in Arabic are routinely missed or ignored by Western media. This example occurs in the same week as the new peace process meetings began in Washington, DC.

Here is an Israel Today Aug 2 update on five flaws of Kerry’s peace process.

My assignment as a Christian Zionist is to declare the Biblical revelation of God’s peace, which is distinctly opposite man’s plans. Here is the Biblical position with my emphasis.

“I will strengthen Judah and save Israel; I will restore them because of my compassion. It will be as though I had never rejected them, for I am Yehovah their God, who will hear their cries. The people of Israel will become like mighty warriors, and their hearts will be made happy as if by wine. Their children, too, will see it and be glad; their hearts will rejoice in Yehovah. When I whistle to them, they will come running, for I have redeemed them. From the few who are left, they will grow as numerous as they were before. Though I have scattered them like seeds among the nations, they will still remember me in distant lands. They and their children will survive and return again to Israel. I will bring them back from Egypt and gather them from Assyria. I will resettle them in Gilead and Lebanon until there is no more room for them all. They will pass safely through the sea of distress, for the waves of the sea will be held back, and the waters of the Nile will dry up. The pride of Assyria will be crushed, and the rule of Egypt will end. By my power I will make my people strong, and by my authority they will go wherever they wish. I, Yehovah, have spoken!” Zechariah 10:6-12 NLT

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists            (READ MORE)

(As is my custom, I have taken the liberty to change the word “LORD” to Yehovah. Every single time you see LORD or GOD in all capital letters in the Old Testament, the actual Hebrew word is Yehovah. This name occurs 6,828 times in the Hebrew text, yet remains untranslated in most Bibles. His name, obscured for 2,500 years, is now being revealed. It is TIME to restore the name of Yehovah!) (for deeper study click here.)



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