A New Season

22 01 2013

Here is a personal view of the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast I attended yesterday in Washington, DC. In a whirlwind trip, I drove up to DC, attended seven hours of meetings and returned to Raleigh in only 18 hours.

My first highlight was the worship I had in my car driving through Sunday night. Then, the harp and bowl worship at the event was sweet with connections in the Spirit to new and old friends. The native American presence throughout the morning had great authority in Jesus. One Chief prayed with great power for our nation. Sid Roth’s prayer was also with deep passion and effectiveness.

The top moment was the keynote message by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He spoke as a prophet of old with a clarion call for our nation to turn back to God. His message fit into what I have heard about this new season. I believe we have turned a corner because of refusing to heed God’s warnings. Jonathan Cahn’s famous book, The Harbinger, details his message. There is also an online Harbinger video at this link.

New APPROVED link for Jonathan Cahn’s full message at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast.

Pray for mercy for the United States.

Israeli election update link.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists      (READ MORE)



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22 01 2013
Steven L. Sherman

Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down!

That the mountains might shake at Your presence—as fire burns brushwood, as fire causes water to boil—to make Your name known to Your adversaries, that the nations may tremble at Your presence! Isaiah 64:1-2

PRAY for a Great Awakening across America! Revival fires to purify and cleanse our hearts. PRAY for the LORD (Yahweh/Jehovah God) to rend the veil between heaven and earth and flood the nation with His Spirit!

It’s not politics, finances or government policies – but the manifest presence of God that will change America. DESPERATELY seek HIM!


24 01 2013
Joseph RiverWind

Many blessings! I wish we could have met and talked. The Creator’s presence was intense and thick as He was worshiped in Unity by the body of believers that attended. We live in Murphy, NC! Your not too far away:) May YHVH bless you and keep you brother. Dohi ge ses di (Peace be upon you)


26 01 2013
200 Tanks, 16 F-16s « Elisha Vision – Commentary

[…] in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12   Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists      (READ MORE) […]


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