A 21st Century Psalm

16 06 2012

Next week we will know the results of the Egyptian presidential elections taking place this weekend, expected to be won by the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. My commentary will follow the returns. In the meantime, here is a witty contemporary Psalm for your weekend enjoyment. My friend Steve is a North Carolina pastor/author married to my cousin, Robin. Thanks, Steve for permission to share your creativity with us.

A 21st Century Psalmby Steve Ruberg

Of the mercies of the Lord I will tweet;

I will text of your faithfulness so sweet.

Your homepage proclaims Your status each day;

You’re available to message when I pray.

When I invited you to be my friend;

You confirmed your acceptance without amend.

I can link to you any time or place;

One click leads me to your space.

I can browse Your Word where’re I roam;

Your WI-FI connects when I’m not at home.

There’s never a dead space when I call.

Your bars are full; you’ll connect to all.

With your operating system program me;

Your memory “too low” will never be.

Your system will never crash nor stall;

Yet you let anyone penetrate your wall.

When I commit a fault or error,

Your auto correct function is always fair.

I can Google you in prayer each day;

Your logic anticipates whatever I say.

When my system is full of spam

You clean the malware from my RAM.

To my queries you always reply;

For whatever I search, you will supply.

My errors are deleted when my request is sent;

Your memory won’t restore once I repent.

I like my blessings, each one sublime;

You are online all of the time.

You Excel in all that You do;

Your Word is what I seek from You.

Thank you for access to your Domain.

May I always in Your network remain.


copyright © 2012 Stephen M. Ruberg













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