11 05 2012

Three years ago, Doreen and were driving back from a quick trip to Florida. However, the timing was tight because our good friend Anna May Hoffman was enduring an operation the next day back in Raleigh. Hurrying back before she came out of recovery Monday night, I was stopped on I-95 in South Carolina for speeding at 85 MPH, which was 15 over the posted limit. We still made it back in time, which proves my speeding was unnecessary. So, I faced the options of paying a large fine of nearly $200.00 and four points on my license, or going back three months later to appear in court, three hours south of my home. My hope was that by appearing I might find mercy and have the charge reduced to $100.00 and two points. I chose the latter option. When the time for court came, I was so blessed to have my dear friend and brother, Rob Brown, visiting us from Maine.

On the appointed day Rob and I headed back to South Carolina, (driving the speed limit). We had wonderful fellowship and were enjoying some great worship CD’s. In fact, we were really getting caught up in the Holy Spirit so deeply that we considered pulling over for a while. But as we continued Rob noticed a car that just passed us with a New York license plate that simply said: FAVOR – 7. Rob pronounced that the Lord was giving us favor, to which I heartily agreed. As we drove and talked and worshipped, we kept passing the FAVOR – 7 car; and he passed us, back and forth for an hour, till we were quite convinced that the Father was encouraging us with His favor. Just before our exit in rural South Carolina, FAVOR – 7 passed us one more time and then actually got off the same exit, going the other way at the end of the ramp. We knew God’s favor was with us, but never dreamed of what was about to happen in court.

When we arrived at the little simple court there must have been 160 other speeders, three months’ worth, I guess. The judge was an elderly black Southern gentleman who was alternately stern and understanding. He would lecture a reckless driver with attitude, and a young mother who he warned how she could have killed her dear children at that speed. All but one pled guilty and were fined accordingly. The one who claimed innocence was forwarded on to trial. When called before the judge, I also pled guilty. I told him I definitely was going 85 and had no excuse. He then asked me why and I told him the truth about the ministry in Florida and the hospital in Raleigh. He then paused a long moment and leaning forward said this: “Well, I want everyone to know that there are still a few folks in South Carolina who love Jesus.” He then pronounced the judgment:  “NOT GUILTY!” he said, with some force. I could not believe what had just happened. Not guilty, no fine, no points! If you thought we had worshipped on the way to court, you should have heard Rob and me on the way home.

FAVOR – 7 is the story of unmerited, undeserved favor. It was more than mercy. It was grace. Whatever word you choose, my sin of speeding was cancelled! What a great microcosm of standing before Jesus at that great day of eternal judgment. Because Jesus died for us and was then raised from the dead, our sins are forgiven. Jesus judges us Not Guilty! Not reduced or covered over for another year, our sins are gone! That’s a pretty good reason to follow Jesus, if you ask me.

This true story is an excerpt from my latest book Generation LIFE (just finished and available soon).

“Come now, let’s settle this,” says Yehovah. “Though your sins are like scarlet, I will make them as white as snow. Though they are red like crimson, I will make them as white as wool. Isaiah 1:18

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists      (READ MORE)



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11 05 2012
Lisa Bruner Drobney

What a beautiful story and a fine example of grace!


12 05 2012
Bill Hoopes

Thank you for this wonderful story. It was one of those “just at the right time” words. Glad to hear that things are going well with you. Eva and I now serve with a church in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


12 05 2012

Wow! What a blessing to hear from you, Bill. We will pray the Father’s blessing all over you today. Thanks for the note.


15 05 2012
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