Israel Shocker

7 05 2012

Late tonight (early Tuesday Israel time)PM Benjamin Netanyahu reversed course and canceled the just announced plan for early elections. Totally surprising everybody, he made a deal with Kadima, the opposition party to form a new coalition. The prime benefit of the arrangement is that Israel is now unified to deal with Iran.

Kadima, in party elections, had dumped Tzipi Livni, the outspoken liberal critic of the Prime Minister. It is now a whole new ball game in Israel. One benefit is that Israel will now be stronger resisting the leftist pressure coming from the US President Obama and his Administration.

Shortly after 2:30 a.m., Netanyahu and Mofaz arrived at the Knesset to brief their parties of the details of their agreement. Kadima joined the government in exchange for Mofaz’s appointment as a deputy prime minister, a minister without portfolio, and a cabinet member.

Additionally, the government will propose a replacement for the Tal Law on national service for the ultra-Orthodox, which is set to expire in August. There will be legislation on electoral reform, and the budget will be passed smoothly, the two agreed. Mofaz said that in the coming year Kadima will receive additional ministerial positions. Both parties have agreed that the 18th Knesset will complete its term and elections will be held on schedule in late 2013. (The Times of Israel)

Kadima, that unreliable, hard-to-define centrist faction looked to be disintegrating. The Netanyahu-Mofaz deal changes all that. And the anger on the left is only part of the reason for the pleasure Netanyahu must be feeling at what he and his supporters will doubtless depict as a political masterstroke. (David Horovitz)

These radical developments certainly call for passionate prayer for supporters of Biblical prophecy unfolding before our eyes in Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We ask Yehovah, the God of Israel to bless and favor Israel according to His covenant promise. We also pray for the revelation of Yehovah ben Yeshua, Jesus Son of God, to Jews everywhere and to all nations.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists     (READ MORE)



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11 05 2012
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