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31 05 2014

Dry Bones Benghazi


The United States is deploying an amphibious assault ship with about 1000 marines off the coast of Libya in case the US embassy has to be evacuated, a US defence official says.

The USS Bataan was to be in the area “in a matter of days,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, on Tuesday (local time).

The move was described as “precautionary” in case conditions in Libya, where militia battles have plunged the country into anarchy, worsen and require the embassy’s evacuation. The State Department said last week the embassy in Tripoli was operating normally despite an offensive launched against Islamist militias by a dissident general, Khalifa Haftar. (more)

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International Hypocrisy

26 04 2012

The grossly shameful international hypocrisy about Syria cuts three ways. First is within Syria, the second is compared to Libya and third is exposed toward Israel.

1. Syria has seen over 11,000 citizens murdered by the government in one year. That’s the UN estimate, but by my reckoning it is closer to 20,000. The US, the UN, and the West in general have completely failed to intervene. Just yesterday, the UN monitor report revealed that when UN monitors leave, Syrian forces resume killing the next day.

2. Libya by comparison was bombed and invaded by special forces when Gaddafi only threatened to kill the rebels before he commenced. Syrian refugees, now in Libya, question the hypocrisy. How can the nations fail to act in Syria?

3. Israel is the third example of international hypocrisy. If one Palestinian is killed by the IDF, the whole world is apoplectic. This contradiction is obvious to Syrians. Massacres continue daily in Syria, but Israel is the terrible “occupier” of the “poor” Palestinians. This is what I would call disproportionate media! Even when no deaths are involved the world condemns Israel. This week three outposts were approved by Israel with this reaction:

EU slams Israeli legalization of 3 outposts Europe’s condemnation of Israeli move in West Bank joins international chorus which includes US, UN, PA, France, Jordan.

Where is the “chorus” about Syria?

Of course, all of this fits into the Psalm 83 War scenario prophetically, but what of the people dying? Pray for mercy for them. Christians are among the most persecuted there.

But now your brave warriors weep in public. Your ambassadors of peace cry in bitter disappointment. Isaiah 33:7 NLT

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists     (READ MORE)

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