No Preconditions!

7 03 2023

Lapid and Gantz

This year Israel celebrates 75 years as a sovereign, democratic nation. For 75 years they have consistently professed the willingness to negotiate with the Palestinians with no preconditions. However, the Palestinians just as consistently demand preconditions before they will negotiate, such as Israeli concessions prior to even sitting down to talk. This pattern is not contested. But, now there is an internal debate in Israel about judicial reforms and the left wing opposition (Lapid and Gantz pictured above) are borrowing from the Palestinian playbook. As the reforms are proceeding through the Knesset, they demand talks and negotiations about the various reforms. Netanyahu’s government agrees to talks with no preconditions, but the left refuses to meet unless the Knesset freezes the process during the talks. They seem to forget that Israel just held an election where the right had a resounding victory by the democratic vote of the people and the left lost. They do not get to set conditions. Netanyahu won. They lost.

Lapid & Gantz: Israel stands at brink of emergency and Netanyahu presses on – Opposition leaders respond to President’s call for dialogue by saying they will only agree to talk if the judicial reform bills are frozen.

This is the same pattern not only of the Palestinians and the Israeli left, but we have seen the same pressure tactics for years in the United States. Don’t be deceived by the rhetoric. This is a spiritual war. You can never satisfy a demanding spirit. If you start giving in to the demands they only demand more. As we remember Esther and Mordecai this Purim, I see the spirit of Haman in the demanding spirit of the left wing protestors.

“Just as Death and Destruction are never satisfied, so human desire is never satisfied.”  Proverbs 27:20 NLT

“But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”  1 Corinthians  2:13 

We seek Yehovah God and His righteousness. Only His truth will stand. When the enemy perverts the will of God, destruction follows. Pray for wisdom from above for Prime Minister Netanyahu, and pray for a steady hand as he steers his nation through this crisis. I believe God has restored him to power for “such a time as this.” Today is Purim in Israel so we pray for Esthers and Mordecais to be raised up in Israel to stand for the eternal purpose of God against all the evil demands of the spirit of Haman and Amelek.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and rain in season.

Les Lawrence, a voice of Christian Zionists                   (Read more)

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