Islam Steals Golgotha

24 05 2012

There is a serious problem taking place at one of Christendom’s holiest sites. Muslims are encroaching on the site next to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, called “the place of the skull” or Golgotha. This post features the latest development, two new signs embedded in a new wall right on the top of the famous Christian site. This new wall circles a Muslim cemetery on the hilltop. Look very closely in the first picture at the wall above the place of the skull (taken from the Garden Tomb observation deck). The signs are in Arabic. What do  they say?

The left sign says “Islamic Cemetery for the Mujahideen (or Freedom Fighters)”.

The right sign says “No God but All-h and Muhammad is his Messenger”.

Mujahideen comes from the root word “jihad”: The modern phenomenon of jihadism, i.e., the movement within radical Islamism that presents jihad (offensive or defensive) as the casus belli for insurgencies, guerilla warfare and international terrorism (definition from Wikipedia).

There is a more complete picture of this encroachment available on the right most tab on the Menu bar at the top of this page. (or click here).

The implications of this go far beyond religious sensitivities. It exposes the agenda of radical Islam to obliterate all other religions in their relentless drive to dominate the entire planet. We must not be ignorant of their devices.

     lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11 NKJV

     so that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes. 2 Corinthians 2:11 NLT

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem which can only come when the Messiah Jesus returns, Yeshua ben Yehovah.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists     (READ MORE)

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