Europe’s Self-Islamization

18 04 2018

EU-flagsYou have heard of self-radicalization, but have you heard of self-Islamization? Today I want to share a very interesting take on what is happening in Europe with Islamic migration without assimilation. It is a cautionary tale for those of us living in the United States. There is a devastating price to pay for open borders. Remember that borders are Biblical.

When the Most High divided their inheritance to the nations,
When He separated the sons of Adam,
He set the boundaries of the peoples.
According to the number of the children of Israel. Deuteronomy 32:8

You have set all the borders of the earth;
You have made summer and winter. Psalm 74:17

And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings. Acts 17:26

Here is the start of the article, followed by a link to continue reading the conclusion. Please take a few minutes to read and consider the author’s warning of the growing trend of the Islamization of Europe.

Emerging Islamist Political Clout Accelerates Europe’s Self-Islamization – by Abigail R. EsmanForget the beheading videos, the ISIS propaganda on social media, and even the terrorist attacks themselves. Europe, says counterterrorism expert Afshin Ellian, is Islamizing itself. In the process, the Western values on which its democracies are built are increasingly put at risk. 

Take, for instance, Belgium’s ISLAM Party, which now hopes to participate in the country’s October local elections in 28 regions. (Its name serves as an acronym for “Integrité, Solidarité, Liberté, Authenticité, Moralité.”)

The party’s ultimate aim: transforming Belgium into an Islamic state. According to the party’s founder Redouane Ahrouch, items high on its agenda include separating men and women on public transportation and the incorporation of sharia law, supposedly as long as it does not conflict with current laws. Ahrouch’s own behavior, however, suggests that his respect for “current laws” and mores has its bounds. He reportedly refuses to shake hands with women. In 2003, he received a six-month sentence for beating and threatening his wife. Currently, the Islam Party has two elected representatives in office — one in Anderlecht, the other in Molenbeek — both regions known to be hotbeds of extremism.

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We need to pray for Europe and for our own nation. This is not a passing phase of history, it is the future, unless we wake up now. The problem is not immigration, the danger is illegal migration. There is a difference. We need to be open to legal immigration, but stop migration without assimilation.

I am not lacking in compassion. It is not possible to take in all the world’s desperately needy people. Spiritually, we can help most my sharing the Messiah with them. Jesus died for Muslims and loves Muslims as much as He loves anyone else. We can help a tiny bit by taking in a relatively few refugees, but what we pray for is complete salvation of every nation. This too is very Biblical.

And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, and to open its seals; for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by Your blood out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation,” Revelation 5:9 

Pray for Europe, pray for the U.S. and pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists             (Read more)



5 responses

18 04 2018
Daniel Arendzen

What is this for rhetoric?
Borders are fought for and set by humans, nothing divine in that.
People have been migrating ever since there are people walking on the planet. You and I are witnessing only a tiny part of it. We see, just like the past and future generations, protecting man-made borders from something that doesn’t belong there.
Islam and Muslims exists, they are there, everywhere on the planet. Just like there are hyper orthodox Jews there are also very conservative Muslims, of which I can imagine the Belgian political party is from. He isn’t illegal, and also, it is not that legal Muslims are assimilated and illegal Muslims are not, or that the former is a lesser danger than the latter. Legal or illegal only means that they both can be from the same religion, same culture, same set of thoughts but that the journey was different.
Europe doesn’t need prayers. Europe needs to stop demonising Muslims, they need to stop dangerous rhetoric, they need to stop infecting people that Muslims and the Islam is dangerous. What the conservatives want doesn’t generalise all of us. We have the same freedom as you. We have the same right of expression of religion, just like you have the right to shake hands we have the same right not to shake hands and there it ends (though I also don’t agree with some of the reasons why not). When Europe gives equal opportunity to everyone, opens the same social security for everyone, shares wealth equally amongst all citizens, then and only then everyone can look forward to make life better without attacking the other


18 04 2018

Thank you for your respectful comment. Perhaps another choice of words would be helpful. I see a difference between citizens and non-citizens. Each nation defines the rights and privileges of its citizens. It is a precious thing and is not automatically granted to visitors. Your point is true that naturalized citizens can be good or evil in their behavior. That is why legal immigration is a selection process with clear requirements for each applicant. Immigration sorts out the applicants, hopefully finding those would who do evil. Migration, which has always occurred in history as you said, is non-selective and therefore dangerous to the citizens. We pray for peace for all nations.


19 04 2018
Daniel Arendzen

Hehehehe my words did cross the message, respectfully as you said, so that’s okay.
The good Samaritan helped someone in need who’d be an illegal and dangerous nowadays. That’s why you and I, I think, will have to agree to disagree. Migration is a natural event and it’s only man-made illegal. That’s why I am for open borders, end the discrimination and man-made poverty by us, for example Palestine, we need to address climate change as cause of migration and adopt policies to combat it so people can have their livelihoods at home where they thrive best.


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