US Admin says Jerusalem Not in Israel

8 06 2015

Supreme CourtUS Supreme Court: Jerusalem-born Americans can’t list Israel as birthplace: WASHINGTON (AP) — The US Supreme Court struck down a disputed law Monday that would have allowed Americans born in Jerusalem to list their birthplace as Israel on their US passports in an important ruling that underscores the president’s authority in foreign affairs.

U.S. top court backs Obama, invalidates Jerusalem passport law

Supreme Court strikes down ‘born in Jerusalem’ passport law

This is a serious slap in the face to Israel, but even more to the God of Israel. I tremble when I think of the possible repercussions to America. This is as big in my eyes as the US pressure for Israel to withdraw from Gaza that led to Hurricane Katrina and the collapse of Ariel Sharon.

Last month I wrote several blogs about President Obama refusing to meet “face to face” with PM Netanyahu until after the Iran deal. It was about God’s judgments getting personal. That was followed by a serious humiliation to the President who called a major summit of six Arab Gulf states and four of the six refused to meet “face to face,” including Saudi Arabia. That was personal.

This action of the US Supreme Court siding with President Obama and overturning the Law of the US Congress is a national shame. Therefore I am very concerned that we will quickly see a national judgment. What audacity! What gives us the right to tell Israel where their capital should be? Since it is a governmental decision from our capital city rejecting Israel’s capital city (and God’s chosen city) it may come as a direct judgment on Washington, DC. Pray for mercy!

For thus says Yehovah of hosts: “He sent Me after glory, to the nations which plunder you; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye. Zechariah 2:8 NKJV

After a period of glory, Yehovah of Heaven’s Armies sent me against the nations who plundered you. For he said, “Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession.” Zechariah 2:8 NLT

“Since the day that I brought My people out of the land of Egypt, I have chosen no city from any tribe of Israel in which to build a house, that My name might be there, nor did I choose any man to be a ruler over My people Israel. Yet I have chosen Jerusalem, that My name may be there, and I have chosen David to be over My people Israel.” 2 Chronicles 6:5-6

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists         (READ MORE)



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9 06 2015

Frankly Les its only gonna get worse. A spirit of deception has blinded Obama. He just does not get it.


11 06 2015
Happy Anniversary Doreen! | Elisha Vision - Commentary

[…] Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists     (READ MORE) […]


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