Netanyahu Addresses Congress

27 02 2015

Netanyahu img564931We are fast approaching an existential deadline for Israel regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Next Tuesday the Prime Minister of Israel speaks to a joint session of Congress. Incredibly, some Democrats and Vice President Biden are boycotting the speech for petty partisan politics. George Will on Obama and Bibi: “We have a community organizer dealing with a commando; they’re not on the same wavelength”

There is time to take action. Please contact you Senators and Representatives. Appeal to them to consider seriously the case made by Netanyahu. Israel’s very existence is at stake. Ignore the political hype and divisive threats from the White House. Act now! This is a critical time for the U.S. as well as Israel.

Please read the following appeal from a Floridian and then watch the short video of Senator Rubio clearly declaring the issue.

Dear Friends,

Set aside 20 minutes to watch Senator Rubio on the floor of the Senate, pleading with his peers on behalf of Israel. The link is below. Whatever your political persuasion, please, please take the time to contact the senators and representatives for your areas and request they not boycott Bibi Netanyahu’s speech which is to be March 3rd before both houses of congress. There is still some time to do this. Maybe I feel the urgency because I see the faces of the Holocaust survivors all around me where I live and recall how the world stood by while millions perished or were tortured. The synagogue near where I live has it’s own holocaust memorial for the many holocaust survivors who attended there. I think of the growing anti-Semitism in the world and hear Bib’s words to my Jewish people who are still being persecuted to come home to their land. They are welcome there. This is no small thing and I am thankful for the passion of people like Senator Rubio who is not Jewish but understands the seriousness of what is happening. Again, please take the time to make your voice heard in this matter.  It is interesting that Netanyahu’s address to Congress will be given the day before Purim starts, which celebrates the failure of an attempt to wipe out the Jews of Persia (modern day Iran) in 721 BC. Some things never change. 
Please forward if you can so others may join in this effort and never forget the power of prayer.
If you need a little more background on the issue please read these articles:
Pray for truth to triumph next Tuesday at Congress!
Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists       (READ MORE)



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