Red Sea Sunrise

5 01 2015

Turquoise water — tan sand — and a tangerine sun! It was without question one of the most beautiful and indescribable sights of my 45 years. Words fail to adequately portray the splendor on that exquisite shore of the timeless Red Sea. My friend, Duane Trochessett, and I had just come from Jerusalem in January 1990. We had participated in the most powerful prayer conference we had ever attended. After speaking to a congregation in Tiberias on Shabbat, Israel’s Sabbath, we traversed Israel from Galilee in the North, to the southernmost Israeli seaport of Eilat. This modern city is located at the northern tip of the Red Sea. From there, we endured a rickety Egyptian public bus ride five hours further south through the Sinai Peninsula to a spot near its southernmost point. We lugged a two-man tent with us, which we pitched on a deserted stretch of Red Sea beach, a few miles north of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

            We heard that the Red Sea had some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world along these shores and we were not disappointed. We walked up the pristine beach two or three miles, seeing no one else and feeling alone in the world. We then drifted and snorkeled, swimming with the current back to our tent location among picturesque rocks on the tan beach. The underwater beauty of the Red Sea had never occurred to me before. The Bible does not refer to it, except for Pharaoh’s chariots and army ending up there.

            Our greatest sight occurred the next morning at first light. The setting was already surreal; just being in such an exotic location at a time of personal renewal with God. We opened the flap on our eastward facing tent and were stunned with the view. Rising out of the turquoise sea was the largest sun we had ever seen, almost close enough to touch. It was the most incredible shade of color; the closest I can come is tangerine! It was perfectly round as it rose on the horizon, resurrecting out of the water. The lack of pollution in the cloudless blue sky eliminated the sun’s rays, making the stark contrast more amazing between that brilliant reddish-orange sun, the blue sky and the turquoise sea. The only slight comparison I can make, is to the occasional beautiful orange harvest moon I have seen a few times in New England. But this was the sun, a thousand times deeper in that surreal tangerine color, and a million times more radiant! Duane and I worshipped the Creator on that beach in a depth of personal connection with Him unlike any previous experience. We were not worshipping the creation, but the One Who had created. As you read this book, please try to rise above the history and logic of the words to see the God of the Bible Who is the Faithful God of history. Modern Israel has risen out of the sea of nations like that tangerine sun. (Excerpt from the Introduction to my first book: Prophesy To The Land!orange-sunset-yamashita_1476_600x450

Pray for the complete restoration of Israel.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists




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10 01 2015
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18 10 2016

The foto of the red sea “redsea2_117redsml” was posted on TrekEarth by me and is copyrighted art. You should remove it from your site our contact me regarding license. Regards, GiovanniG

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18 10 2016

What is involve in a license. I thought it was open source. Thanks. Les


18 10 2016

I meant to say “What is involved in a license?” If you click on the photo, it links to your page for full attribution. Do you require more? The date of this blog was Jan. 5, 2015.


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