French Gunman

22 03 2012

(Disclaimer: Please recognize that I am attempting satire with this post to expose the ridiculous lengths the media will go to, trying to avoid any mention of radical Islam.)

Oh my! What a racist and sexist headline. Everyone knows it was a “European Citizen of the World Person” who gunned down three Jewish children and a Rabbi in France last Monday. Can you believe they actually included his gender and nationality in the news? Scandalous! (Later we find that he was of “Algerian descent”, and, oh by the way, he identified himself as part of al-Qaeda.) Now we must have years of analysis to discover his motive. Whatever could have possibly brought a decent 23-year-old Muslim al-Qaeda operative from the suburbs to randomly murder four people who co-incidentally just happened to be Jewish when he attacked a school that just randomly turns out to be a Jewish school. Why could he have done this? He must have had a troubled childhood, maybe he was bullied in school.

OK. Enough! Seriously folks, we face a serious media bias with radical Muslim anti-Semitic anti-Zionist terrorist murderers. But most media reporters just can’t get their finger to hunt and peck out those words on their keyboard. At least there were a few with courage.Consider this quote from Melanie Phillips:

And even when the perpetrator turned out to be an Islamic terrorist the media were still trying to spin it away, with Sky News stressing the deprivation of the killer and his family and interviewing a French female journalist living in London who claimed that this was ‘an attack against diversity’. (Jewish World Review)

Another problem is selective prosecutions. An example occurred recently at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Jewish fraternity members had their tires slashed and Nazi swastikas keyed into their cars. However, the authorities are investigating it as vandalism, not as a hate crime.

Also, Christians are now being attacked in many parts of the world. Consider this headline:Destroy All Churches and the first paragraph:

Is it not news when Saudi Arabia’s leading religious authority meets with a terrorist group and says that? 

Again I say, it is time to wake up, stand up and speak up! This is not a time to slumber. The world is on fire. Be a watchman on the wall. Sound the shofar!

I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work. John 9:4.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists    (READ MORE)




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24 03 2012
Jeremiah Lexier

Dearly beloved Les & Doreen: loving greetings to both of you. You knew long ago that the devil & his demonically possessed minions have chosen to hate and destroy all that God loves, and says “They are Mine!” So why not just report the events correctly, in contrast to the perverted world’s media moguls. We are sadly designated “sheep designated or subjected to the murderous designs of satans hosts.” But our Creator, Redeemer and Savior is mighty to save, and raise us from the dead, to sit with Him in His throne, as He also overcame, and is seated with His Father and our Father in His throne. We are called to rejoice with those who “overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimonies, for we did not love our lives, even unto our death.” The eternal consequences which murderers, rapists, terrorists and all of the devil’s henchmen will endure is horrendous in the hell awaiting them and their demonically inspired counterparts: you both know that very well. So we pray for the comfort of those who have been bereaved, and pray for their salvation, that they may enter the eternal king-
dom of the blessed. We have a hope that is stedfast and sure, and which enters within the veil, whither our Forerunner, our Lord Jesus Christ has entered before us, a Blessed Bridegroom, Who has carried His redeemed into the very presence of our glorious Almighty Father. With much love,


27 03 2012
Fort Hood Double Standard « Elisha Vision – Commentary

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