Are We There Yet?

8 03 2012

The Point At Which Israel Bombs Iran

Misinformation is a big part of military action, especially when a “surprise attack” is best. A few weeks ago Leon Panetta, US Secretary of Defense and head of the Pentagon, announced that Israel would attack Iran’s nuke targets in April, May or June. At the time I thought: Why doesn’t he go ahead and release the target list with GPS coördinates so Iran can defend themselves? A few days ago an anonymous source from the Pentagon actually listed potential targets (without coördinates). We live in a world that has gone crazy. Most observers believe this is all part of the Obama Administration trying to block or at least slow Israel’s plans.

The good news is that Prime Minister Netanyahu made it quite clear Monday (full speech video) that Israel would not yield its security decisions to any other nation. We do not know the mind of God, but we must pray in accordance with His revealed Biblical purpose to restore and protect Israel. He has not regathered them from 180 nations just to kill them. That is satan’s false hope, it is not in the heart of the God of Israel. He has raised them up as a nation to make His name know to the entire world. In the end, God is God and the nations are mere mortals.

Make them tremble in fear, O Yehovah. Let the nations know they are merely human. Psalm 9:20 NLT

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists      (READ MORE)



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14 03 2012
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