Egyptians Against Egyptians

1 02 2011

ISRAEL E-CARD Volume 5 Issue 3 February 1, 2011

Topic #1  The Heart of Egypt Will Melt with Fear – Isaiah 19

Egypt has entered meltdown. It cannot be reversed. There are certain prophetic events which when once started will follow through to their inevitable end. Jesus spoke of the events in play at His Second Coming as similar to the birth pangs of childbirth. They have begun all over the earth, but especially in the Middle East.

It is always about hatred of God at the bottom line. It will come back against Israel. Satan needs Egypt in his big Psalm 83 push against Israel. Their peace treaty must be broken to prepare for the destined Psalm 83 war.

Yet the plans of man and devil will melt away before the presence of Yehovah.

Like a lion, Israel crouches and lies down; like a lioness, who dares to arouse her? Blessed is everyone who blesses you, O Israel, and cursed is everyone who curses you (Numbers 24:9).

The prophecy of Isaiah 19 (below) seems to be in play now. Only two weeks ago I wrote of dominoes falling. Little did I know in my intellect what was about to break out in Egypt. When one reads the Bible and listens to the voice of God with the Holy Spirit, much is revealed. The God of Israel told Amos: Surely the Lord Yehovah does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).

Topic #2  Why I say Yehovah’s Name

God’s personal name is used 6,828 times in the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Yet, neither Christian nor Jew uses that Name today. Our English translations insert LORD where His name should be. This has the effect of hiding the most profound revelation available to man in all history. Even Jesus said His ministry was not about Himself, but to bring us to the Father. It has been hidden away in the wisdom and judgment of God. I am on a mission from Yehovah Himself to help restore the use of His Name. When you replace the generic LORD with Yehovah in your personal study, you will never be the same. (Please visit the website His Hallowed Name Revealed Again for a scholarly background on the Name). (READ MORE)

Look! Yehovah is advancing against Egypt, riding on a swift cloud. The idols of Egypt tremble. The hearts of the Egyptians melt with fear. “I will make the Egyptians fight against each other-brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, province against province. The Egyptians will lose heart, and I will confuse their plans. They will plead with their idols for wisdom. They will call on spirits, mediums, and psychics to show them which way to turn. I will hand Egypt over to a hard, cruel master, to a fierce king,” says the Lord, Yehovah  Almighty. (Isaiah 19:1-4).



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