Backward Trials

18 11 2009

Les Lawrence – Voice of Christian Zionists


Why has the media missed the trial contradictions? The Fort Hood trial involves a Muslim American terrorist in a military tribunal. The New York trial involves a foreign terrorist, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others, given a civilian trial. What is wrong with this picture? The citizen gets the tribunal with less rights than civilian trials, and the non-citizens arrested on foreign soil get all the rights of American citizens. The effect of this inversion of rights, benefits Islam in both cases. Much of the Fort Hood case will be private, thus not exposing the Islamist ideology of Hassan. The New York situation, on the other hand, will be a media circus for years. The danger is that it will be a bully pulpit for the most radical Muslim propaganda, and worse, an exceptional opportunity to recruit home grown terrorists. Furthermore, it will be a political punching bag of the Bush administration and the CIA. Just as President Obama’s unprecedented bows to the Saudi King and the Japanese Emperor, the United States is bowing to Islam via these trials.



One response

12 12 2009

I like your comment on how our country is bowing to Islam while our president is bowing to foreign leaders.

I’m glad you now have an option for us to subscribe to your blog so that I can know when you post new posts.

Can I use this present post to post on my FB?


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