Fort Hood Motive Is Simple

15 11 2009

The reason for the confusion surrounding the linking of Islamic extremism to the Fort Hood atrocity, is so simple, it is just too easy for most experts to accept. He was a terrorist, because scores of people were terrified. He was an Islamic terrorist because of his own self proclaimed religious ideology. The hidden truth is in the phrase he shouted as he coldly and methodically ended the lives of 14 people including a baby in the womb; and altered the lives of hundreds more who were either injured or family of the victims.

First, let’s agree it was a suicide attack. There could have been no hope for escaping alive. It is what has come to be known as “suicide by police”. But this was no ordinary criminal; this was a classic Islamic homicide attacker. All you need to know is that he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” according to multiple eye witnesses at the scene.

Why is this simple phrase so misunderstood? Virtually all sources repeating this phrase insist on miss-translation. The government, the media, even the military make the simple, yet monumental mistake. It matters little whether it is intentional deception, political correctness, or ignorance. The public is left in impotent confusion.

Contrary to the media norm, “Allahu Akbar”, does NOT mean: God is great. Allah is not a generic term, it a name, the personal name of the god of Islam. Also, the second word doesn’t mean great, but greater. Therefore, a homicide bomber shouting “Allah is the greatest!” not only makes a political statement, he swears complete allegiance to his god as a perverse act of worship. He sincerely believes his god is the greatest of all.

A Christian or Jewish Zionist has a similar bias. He worships the God of the Bible with as much passion as the most rabid Islamic extremist. The difference is that we are not rewarded by our God for murdering innocent people. We are instructed to love our enemies. My heart goes out to all the Muslims who reject the radicals. However, the truth is quite plain. It does not matter how many moderates there are, if the crazies run the asylum. How many Nazi’s did it take when the majority God-fearing German people did not stop them?

The war with Islamic terrorism is for world domination. It is not an election. The majority opinion is irrelevant. We must stand up, speak out and sound the alarm! There is less time left than you think.

Les Lawrence, a voice for Christian Zionists. 11-15-09



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16 11 2009

This is an excellent post. Very clear, direct and informative!


17 11 2009
Toni Wilkerson

I am not a person who is against Muslims themselves. The word of God says to love not hate. But I am against the spirit of Amalek which is behind the religion of Islam and its religious killings (Exo 17:16). And more so than that, I am so freakin annoyed by who Yaakov Kirschen calls “the Western Non-Believer.” He says “they are the ones who are so committed to not believing what is happening before their eyes. Their ability to maintain their non-belief in the Islamist war that is being waged against them is astounding!” I believe they are the ones who are empowering that spirit to hide in plan sight. And in a sense, I believe their commitment to not believing what is going on, on top of denying it while giving the extremists allowances for the things that they are doing is an even greater danger to Western society. I have to admit, I do not know all the things that I should know that are going on in politics today. But at least I can see what is going on right in front of our eyes and acknowledge it. And I know, I know… this isn’t politically correct for me to say. But I don’t want to be one of the ones Edmund Burke was referring to when he said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


26 02 2011
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