“Satan Is An Identity Thief” John Fisk

15 01 2008

ISRAEL E-CARD   Volume 2 Issue 2 January 15, 2008

Topic #1  God’s Identity Theft Problem

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wants to reveal His name, Yahweh. It has been cloaked for literally thousands of years. From the mouths of Jews, to the pages of scripture, the name of God has been eradicated. No one except the readers of the Hebrew Torah ever sees the written name of God and no one, certainly not the Jews, speaks it. This must change. God wants to have His identity known.

Satan is an identity thief, and the identity he intends to steal is Yahweh’s. The most serious case is between the names Yahweh and Allah. These names do not refer to the same god. If you think they do, then you are a victim of the satanic identity thief. My God’s name is defiantly not Allah! When President Bush says we all worship the same god, he is at best confused. This is because satan has stolen the name of Yahweh from God’s people. (John Fisk)

“From the rising of the sun to its going down Yaweh’s name is to be praised.” Psalm 113:3

(John Fisk and Les Lawrence are leaders of Shalom Peniel Congregation in Raleigh, North Carolina)

Topic #2   Generic Religion

Every believer must inevitably face the life or death choice of faith. Jesus made an undeniably exclusive claim that He is the only way to the Father. Likewise, Yahweh is the only god who claims to be a Father. This is no generic “we all worship the same god” kind of religion. Jesus is the only way as the unique Son of Yahweh to lead us into an intimate relationship with Yahweh, the Father God. The full personal name of Jesus in Hebrew is Yeshua ben Yahweh!



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