July 1, 2015 Update:


Ever since his first visit to Skull Hill known as Golgotha in 2010, Samuel Cravotta has been concerned about the vulnerability of this soft lime stone cliff of Skull Hill.  He organized the Golgotha Foundation to document all available evidence and to preserve Skull Hill known as Golgotha.  It was his vision to open the eyes of the World to see the place believed to be the “Place of the Skull”.  Where many Christians believe that Jesus Christ, was crucified.  He has published numerous documents, which were consolidated in his book, “Evidence of the Crucifixion”.   Prior to the recent collapse of the Rock Face, he published a somewhat prophetic paper responding to the question, “Why Preserve Skull Hill known as Golgotha?


An important section of rock has fallen from Golgotha, the Place of the Skull, in Jerusalem, where many believe Jesus was crucified.  It happened the next day after our small tour group had communion at the Garden Tomb. We marveled at the clearly visible eyes and nose on February 19.  Just a few hours later the bridge of the nose fell off the face of the cliff.   Look closely at the before and after pictures to see the difference.

BIBLICAL EVIDENCE – According to Biblical accounts Golgotha’s site location was well-known as a landmark to the First Century Jews.  The name Golgotha was used to describe directions.  This is documented in the scriptures of the time, for example; it is written in the Book of Matthew [27:33] “And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say a place of the skull.”  In the Book of Mark [15:22] “and they bring him unto the place Golgotha, which is being interpreted, the Place of a Skull”.  And the Book of Luke [23:33] states, “and when they were come to the place which is called Calvary [Golgotha], there they Crucified Him.” A similar description in John’s Gospel [19:17] says, “And he bearing his cross, went forth into a place called the Place of the Skull, which is called in the Hebrew, “Golgotha” (or “Calvary” in Latin): Where they crucified Him and two others with Him.”

Samuel Cravotta, Executive Director of Golgotha Foundation, has suggested the possibility of working with the IAA to repair the nose. It may even be possible to find the actual piece, or pieces that fell. Our group was scheduled to be there that day, the 20th, but Sar-El Tours, our land operator, moved us to Tel Aviv Thursday night with good reason. Ten inches of snow fell in Jerusalem on Friday. It was likely that the rain and heavy snow dislodged the rock, that had formed the bridge of the nose.

Mr. Cravotta has been working passionately to preserve and restore Golgotha for several years. He has established good relationships with the Mayor’s office, the Ministry of Tourism, the Garden Tomb and with the Israel Antiquities Authority. There is an immediate need to provide funds for the study and restoration of the rock face of Golgotha.  The bridge of the nose is first, but further preservation is desirable to prevent further crumbling of the stone.
If you would like to help, the Golgotha Foundation is a USA Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  Please visit the internet site with a tab for /Golgotha below click here www.ElishaVision.wordpress.com/golgotha

For more details, including Samuel Cravotta’s recent book:  “Evidence of the Crucifixion, the Place of the Skull and the Resurrection Tomb”,  you may research years of documentation on the subject, at the Elisha Vision website above.


Samuel Cravotta, Executive Director of Golgotha Foundation, has suggested the possibility of repairing the nose. It may even be possible to find the actual pieces or pieces that fell. Our group was scheduled to be there that day, the 20th, but Sar-El Tours, our land operator, moved us to Tel Aviv Thursday night with good reason. Ten inches of snow fell in Jerusalem on Friday. It was likely that the rain and heavy snow dislodged the rock, that had formed the bridge of the nose.

Mr. Cravotta has been working passionately to preserve and restore Golgotha for several years. He has established good relationships with the Mayor’s office, the Ministry of Tourism, the Garden Tomb and with the Israel Antiquities Authority. The need now is for funds for a study and then the restoration. The bridge of the nose is first, but further preservation is desirable to prevent further crumbling of the stone. If you would like to help, the Golgotha Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Please visit the Golgotha tab above, or click here for more details, including Samuel Cravotta’s excellent recent book: Evidence of the Crucifixion, the Place of the Skull and the Resurrection Tomb.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as it is written in Psalm 102:13,
“Thou shalt arise and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favor her, yea the set time is come.”

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists and Board Chairman of Golgotha Foundation


February 2, 2015 – Update on Golgotha Restoration Project 

The fund raising stage has begun. We are thankful for this letter from the Israel Antiquities Authority endorsing the preservation of both Golgotha (the place of the skull) and the adjacent Garden Tomb.

Golgotha IAA Letter

Also, here is our newest press release with pictures as of February 2, 2015

Golgotha press update Feb 2, 2015

Golgotha why preserve 2-2-2015

Evidence of the Crucifixion:  It is not possible to verify the exact location, however:

(1)    The Archaeological evidence indicates two possible locations:  At the top of Skull Hill, which is now covered by a Muslim Cemetery.  And at the base of the hill, which is now covered by bus station paving.
(2)    Skull Hill known as Golgotha (the place of the skull) meets all the descriptions found in Biblical Scriptures.  (3)    Directions to the place of the skull indicate that this hill with its prominent Skull Face was commonly used for directions.         (Matt: 27-33), (Mark 15-22),  (Luke 23-33), (John 19-17).
(4)    Proximity evidence indicates that the Mount of Crucifixion must be no more than a Sabbath day’s journey from the Resurrection Tomb.  The proximity to the Resurrection Tomb and associated scriptures are met by the location of the Garden Tomb.   A rich man’s tomb which was never used.  (Mark 15:42-47).
(5)    Golgotha has a history of executions:   (gol) (goat) (ha) is the Aramaic term for the mount of execution and the Hebrew word for skull.   Jewish tradition points to this hill as “Beth-has-Seki’lah” (house of Stoning).  The Hill of Golgotha is located next to a stone quarry where it is reported that the Apostle Stephen was stoned to death.

Who will fund the work?    Israeli stakeholders include: the Jerusalem Municipality, the Ministry of Tourism and the IAA.  The Garden Tomb Association has offered to partner and pay 10% of the final fee.  The Golgotha Foundation is appealing to international Protestant Christians who might partially fund these repairs.


PRESS RELEASE – April 30, 2014 


Here is the new book on Golgotha, Evidence of the Crucifixion, just published by my good friend Samuel Cravotta. He is the Executive Director of Golgotha Foundation of which I am Chairman of the Board. It documents his research in word and many pictures. If you would like a copy, the purchase information is below. Place your order to this email address: GolgothaFoundation@yahoo.com

Thank you,       Les Lawrence

Sam's book release



November, 2013, Jerusalem, Israel

Skull Hill known as Golgotha”, is an International monument, which is believed to be the actual location of the Crucifixion.  As such, this Holy Site deserves recognition and preservation.  Skull Hill was a well-known Biblical landmark, which was listed in all four Gospels as the place of the Crucifixion. In 1882 this site was recognized by British Major General Charles Gordon. The Photograph above was taken about 1897.   A recent photo shows the Bus Station Entrance in front of Golgotha.  On the right is an Islamic Mosque and 2 Minaret towers.  Above, the Islamic Cemetery is under construction with 4 signs and continuous stone walls covering the brow of Golgotha.  The right sign says; “No God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger”.  The Left sign says, “Islamic Cemetery for the Mujahedeen”.

Pray to Save Golgotha
Donations to Golgotha Foundation meet Non-Profit Tax Exempt 501(c)(3)

Objective – The primary mission of the Golgotha Foundation is to Open the Eyes of the World to see the place of the Crucifixion”.  Other goals include: archaeological research, protection of the site, development  for tourism  and  world-wide education  about  this Christian  Holy Site.  The Bus Station and the Islamic construction conflict with tourism at the hill of “Golgotha”.

Blessings in the name of Yeshua, for your contributions to help save Golgotha.
Please make your tax exempt check payable to: Golgotha Foundation
2578 Blue Dog Ct. Creedmoor, NC 27522
Please copy and send to all your friends

My Personal “Golgotha” Story
By Samuel Cravotta, Executive Director
This letter outlines the events which have led to my determination to help save the place of the skull.  I believe that “Skull Hill” known as “Golgotha” is the actual location of the “Crucifixion”.

1987 – Star Tannery, Va. – I dreamed of the Crucifixion and I saw the bodies of Jesus with the 2 thieves as they were taken down from the crosses.  A band of Angels sang a mournful funeral dirge;  “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who stonest the Prophets, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who Crucified My Son”.  I saw the carpenter remove the nails, one of which he handed to me.  I woke up seeing the blood of Jesus on my hands and I cried with the realization that He died for me.

1990 – Martinsburg, West Va. – I became acquainted with Bernard Coffindafer, who is known for the three crosses which he erected on hills along highways all over the Western Hemisphere.  He proclaimed the message that Jesus Christ the Messiah, will be returning soon.

Sept / Oct. 2010 – Israel – A group from our Church toured Israel and celebrated the “Feast of Tabernacles” sponsored by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ)”.   During this trip, I made 3 visits to Golgotha.  When I toured the Garden Tomb, I looked out toward the hill called “Golgotha” and I was appalled by the condition of this site.  It was choked with the sounds, smells and appearance of the Jerusalem Bus Station.  On the east side there was new construction of a mosque with two minarets.  My heart burned with a desire to do something to restore the site, of “The Crucifixion”.  In addition, it is believed that this was the site of “Jeremiah’s Grotto” and also where the Apostle Stephen was stoned.  I walked several blocks around the Garden Tomb to view this hill from the bus station.  Later I walked around the Old City Walls until I was able to view “Golgotha” from the Damascus Gate.  I could see the Islamic construction with development encroaching on all sides of Golgotha.

Near the end of our trip, our group marched in the Jerusalem Parade flying USA flags while we chanted: “The Christians of America love Israel”.   At one point a Rabbi called for me to come to him and he kissed my forehead three times as a Hebrew Blessing.

November, 2010 – Home in North Carolina a month later I awoke from a dream about the 3 crosses on “Golgotha”.  It occurred to me that if crosses had ever been erected on this site that there must be socket holes in the stone, to support the heavy timber.  Archaeological exploration of this site may be able to uncover these sockets, which could prove that this site is a location of ancient Roman Crucifixions.

October, 2011 & 2012 – I Returned to Jerusalem to meet with the Officials of the Garden Tomb, The Ministry of Tourism, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Municipality of Jerusalem.  Restoration efforts are continuing to make progress in Israel however;  we must concentrate our efforts to Open the Eyes of the World.

All of us who are called by His Name and claim to be Christians have a command to help fulfill the Great Commission. (Mark 16:15)  Therefore, I earnestly pray for your aid to support the efforts of the Golgotha Foundation, 2578 Blue Dog Ct.  Creedmoor, North Carolina, 27522.

June 8 – Great news! Golgotha Foundation now officially has our 501-3c tax deduction status. Donations can be sent to the red address below.

Saving Skull Hill – May 2013 Progress
Two News Bulletins!

#1. After several months, we have completed our application to the World Monument Fund for preservation of “Skull Hill” known as Golgotha in Jerusalem, Israel. We have passed the first stage of approval and we hope to hear the final acceptance in a matter of weeks. We are now praying fervently for the awaited decision. The WMF will provide professional staff guidance, world recognition and matching funds to help pay for the cost of preservation of this Christian Holy Site. WMF app letter

#2. The Garden Tomb Association and its Jerusalem Executive Director, Richard Meryon, are teaming faithfully together with us to preserve Golgotha. (Click here for the Garden Tomb letter supporting our application to the World Monument Fund) We are participating in ongoing meetings with representatives of various Israeli authorities toward the goal. Keep praying! Visit the Garden Tomb! Click here.

We have an updated brochure making the Case for Golgotha. Also, we have a very helpful history of Golgotha documented with 42 slides. Both of these links below are in PDF format for ease of reading and printing. Please enjoy browsing through them. You can help this cause. Please scroll down to the end of this page for ways to help. Thank you.

Case for Golgotha Brochure May 2013    (Printable PDF)

History of Skull Hill known as Golgotha May 2013    (Printable PDF)

Islam Is Stealing Golgotha

There is a serious problem taking place at one of Christendom’s holiest sites. Muslims are encroaching on the site next to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, called “the place of the skull” or Golgotha. Two new signs are embedded in a new wall right on the top of the famous Christian site. This new wall circles a Muslim cemetery on the hilltop. Look very closely in the first picture at the wall above the place of the skull (taken from the Garden Tomb observation deck). The signs are in Arabic. What do  they say?

The left sign says “Islamic Cemetery for the Mujahideen (or Freedom Fighters)”.

The right sign says “No God but All-h and Muhammad is his Messenger”.

Save Golgotha – you can help!

Circa 33 AD – The Crucifixion of “Yeshua Ha Mashiach” (Jesus The Messiah).  “They were come unto a place called ‘Golgotha’, that is to say a place of the Skull.”  History confirms that two thousand Jews were crucified during the revolts leading up to the Roman Siege in 70 AD, according to the Jewish historian Josephus.

John’s Gospel (19:17) says, “And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the Place of the Skull, which is called in the Hebrew,  Golgotha”.  The Garden of a wealthy merchant with a rock-hewn tomb was found nearby.  This site on Nablus Road near the Damascus Gate was discovered in 1842 by Otto Thenius.

In 1882 Skull Hill was promoted as the Crucifixion Site by British Major General Charles Gordon.  The picture above shows Golgotha as it appeared to General Gordon in this photograph taken in 1897. 

“This hill, in certain lights, appears to present a striking resemblance to a human skull.”  (Source: Jerusalem, Bethany, and Bethlehem)

Golgotha Foundation
Samuel Cravotta, Executive Director
c/o Elisha Vision PO Box 1601 Wake Forest, NC 27588
Telephone (919) 529-1227

Why Golgotha Foundation? The personal perspective of Samuel Cravotta, Exec. Dir.

As Christians we worship a Hebrew Messiah and Israel of the Old Testament is an essential foundation to our faith.  Everyone should travel to Israel once in their life.  Jerusalem is central to all three of the world’s major religions and its importance to unfolding of Biblical Prophecy and Worldwide events must be recognized

In 1987 I had a life changing dream where I witnessed the Crucifixion.
In 2010, I made my first trip to Israel.  When I visited the Garden Tomb I was in awe of this Holy Site.  When I saw Golgotha for the first time I was both amazed and appalled at what I saw.  The noise, smell and ugly scenery was overpowering.  I left my group and visited the Bus Station for a ground level view of Golgotha.  Later I climbed the City Walls all the way to Damascus Gate where I was able to photograph the site from above. 

 Since then I have returned to meet with officials in the Ministry of Tourism, the Garden Tomb, the Israel Antiquities Authority & Archaeologist.

Golgotha is in desperate need:

1)   Repair to skull face, clean and stabilize to protect from Damage.

2)   Clean-up Bus Station, paint metal buildings.

3)   Remove Trailer and Screen Trash Dumpster.

4)   Garden Tomb Coordination for the Design of Tourist Access.

5)   Archaeological Research.

14 responses

24 05 2012
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25 05 2012
Rabi Samuel

Dear Brother Les,
Thankyou for sounding the alarm from Golgotha at Damascus Gate to the world. Now is the time of Preparation to Fill our lamps with oil. Are we ready for the Wedding Feast at the Coming of the Bride Groom?

Liked by 1 person

28 06 2012

Yes, it is time to wake up, stand up and speak up! Watch and pray…..


22 04 2013
30 05 2013

Pray for funding approval of Golgotha by the World Monument Fund


5 10 2013
Joseph Herschberger

The Golgatha site IS without question the MOST HOLIEST SIGHT ON PLANET EARTH AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!Not only because it is the sight of the Garden Tomb where our Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected which by itself is everything to Christians.But Golgatha is where the crucifixtion took place some 2000 years ago.It was here on Golgatha that Our Lord Jesus Christ experienced His darkest hour when He cried out My God, My God Why hast thou forsaken Me?The God of creation Who made all things seen and unseen experienced in real time and space what true Hell is like for all who go into eternity without God in their life.Fortunately Our Lord’s time in experiencing Hell was brief in that on the third day Easter Sunday He was resurrected from death never to die again.He lives today and I believe would be greatly honored if the Golgatha sight could be preserved for future generations of Christians.That they may have the sight of these important moments in the Life of our Lord to contemplate the awesome events that took place there.Never having yet visited the Golgatha sight myself I am greatjly disappointed that this area is held so cheaply and disrecpectfully by the surrounding community as I see on You Tube the community encroaching on this most Holy sight on earth and the Universe!It is nothing short of sacrilegious that Israeli’s have built a bus depot on top of Golgatha,the very sight and physical location of the Crucifixtion.And now I have seen through You tube videos the sacrilege of the idolatrus Muslims have built a cemetery for their murderous killers on Golgatha.This shows for all time the true being behind the muslim religion is non other then Satan himself who has no problem desecrating such an important sight to the Christian as Golgatha.If Christians were to build a Christian cemetery next to the Dome of the Rock Muslims would go ballistic and tear up the cemetery very quickly yet they have no feelings in desecrating Christian holy sights held very dear to Christian believers.In fact this new cemetery of the muslims seems to have been planned on purpose to anger Christians throughout the world.These people are such born trouble makers.They avoid the road of peace and coexistence with their fellow human beings.In conclusion,I have written from the viewpoint of a Christian who as yet has not visited the Golgatha sight but Iam planning to at some point to do so.Meanwhile I hope the various organizations are still able to preserve the sight from the encroaching communities who have no regard or respect for the Holy sights of other faiths.If these communities understood the magnitude of what took place at this sight over two thousand years ago they probably would build a huge shrine over the area encapsulating the entire area inside the shrine thus protecting it from all the desecration now going on. Sinserely Joseph Herschberger


15 11 2013
Barbara Jesse Mc Coy

We need to preserve this powerful site. Christ would have it no other way!


15 01 2014

What about Ron Wyatt discoveries related to this site?


15 01 2014

Our Executive Director, Samuel Cravotta, has met with Wyatt representatives. Their data merits serious consideration. The Golgotha site is one of the most important Christian sites in the world.


18 04 2014
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2 02 2015
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8 04 2015
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5 06 2018

Thanks for the interesting info. This absolutely MUST be preserved. A key piece of evidence for the foundation of our faith – along with the nearby empty tomb, with a massive stone rolled away that couldn’t have been moved by a human, with a sheered off molten iron pin, and a shroud that bears strong evidence of being Yeshua’s burial shroud…

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5 06 2018

And a pity Islam is encroaching on it.


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