Flags Matter

13 08 2018

Dry Bones flag

Israel recently passed a law stating the obvious. Israel is a Jewish state. Yet, there is quite an uproar from some Arabs and leftist Israeli’s. The irony is that during a protest over the weekend in Tel Aviv, there were many Palestinian flags and even a popular Arab song encouraging Arabs to attack Israelis. This rally was held freely, in the open, which in itself confirms the liberty of the Israeli democracy. This despite this recent poll:

Poll: Most Palestinians Oppose Continued Military Operations Against Israel –  58% of Palestinians in Gaza and 51% in the West Bank oppose the continuation of military operations against Israeli targets, while 34% in Gaza and 32% in the West Bank support them, according to a poll conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center between June 26 and July 7 and released on Tuesday. 71% said they would not mind working in Israel or in an Israeli settlement. When asked which political faction they trust the most, 25% said Fatah, 13% said Hamas, and 49% said they didn’t trust anyone. (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

‘Song of the Intifada’ in Rabin Square – Hit Arabic song encouraging Arabs to attack Israelis played during rally against Nationality Law in Tel Aviv where protesters held PLO flags. (Lyrics)

One more item of real importance is the background of the Palestinian flag. It has nothing to do with the Holy Land and everything to do with Islam. “This flag does not symbolize anything that is specific to the land of Palestine, but rather the history of the Arabs and Islam: the Umayyad caliphate – white; the Hashemites – red; the Abbasid caliphate and Mohammed – black; and Islam – green.  (The Hamas and Saudi flags are predominantly green, representing Islam.)”  (Flag History for more about Islam’s flags.)

What about the similarity of the “resistance” movements in both Israel and the U.S.? The bottom line is that Yehovah God is in charge and His Son, the Messiah is coming soon. We have read the end of the book and we win! Thank you Yeshua ben Yehovah, Jesus the Son of God.

“Yehovah loves justice, and does not forsake His saints; they are preserved forever, but the descendants of the wicked shall be cut off. The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell in it forever.” Psalm 37:28

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and pray for rain.

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists             (Read more)



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