Migration, NOT Immigration

8 09 2015
ISIS fighters like these, 4,000 of them, are already in place in Western nations, a jihadist smuggler confirmed. Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/09/isis-smuggler-we-will-use-refugee-crisis-to-infiltrate-west/#tjLRY0KIw5sCyGGd.99

ISIS fighters like these, 4,000 of them, are already in place in Western nations, a jihadist smuggler confirmed.

For years I have warned of the migration of Muslims to the West. Suddenly, it has exploded in the headlines, especially in Europe. Bleeding heart liberals are demanding we take in these poor “refugees”. I have an opposite view. Whereas there are no doubt real refugees involved, the real purpose is stated, proclaimed and documented. Radical Islam has always used massive migration of Muslims to first infiltrate and then overwhelm unsuspecting and charitable nations. It is the perfect strategy. Use the West’s Judeo/Christian’s own theology against them. Both Jews and Christians preach caring for the strangers among us.

The distinction between migration and immigration has been a topic of this Elisha Vision Commentary for years. I even wrote about it four years ago in my third book, Generation Light. Here is a quote:

Media types discuss Muslim immigration to Western nations, but I rather see it as migration. They do not intend to integrate into Western culture and society, but instead to dominate it. Generation Light – 2011

The multi-cultural mantra of leftists has proven bankrupt for one simple reason. Muslim radicals are not interested in assimilating into Western culture, they want to destroy it. They intend to replace our Bill of Rights and Bible based system of laws with their system, Sharia. And make no mistake. The two concepts are completely incompatible.

Would you like proof of their plan? Check out these headlines and read the stories by following the links highlighted in blue. The first is a proclamation by ISIS last February! Notice the progression of dates.

ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a ‘psychological weapon’ in chilling echo of Gaddafi’s prophecy that the Mediterranean ‘will become a sea of chaos’. February 18, 2015

ISIS terrorists are arriving in Europe hidden among migrants crossing the Mediterranean on boats, warns EU’s top prosecutor. July 6, 2015

The Islamic State Had Warned Europe They Would Send 500,000 ‘Migrants’ as ‘Weapon’. September 3, 2015 

ISIS smuggler: ‘We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West’. September 4, 2015

‘Just wait…’ Islamic State reveals it has smuggled THOUSANDS of extremists into Europe. September 7, 2015

We cannot say we haven’t been warned. Wake up! It is time for Christians and Jews everywhere to speak out the truth about migration, and back it up with their own proclamations.

So that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes. 2 Corinthians 2:11 NLT

Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists         (READ MORE)

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11 09 2015

Les, thank you for a good and insightful observation.

Back in April 2015 Islamist under the factional banner of ISIS beheaded twenty Christians on a beach in Libya. ISIS, referred to as the JV-team by the erudite United States President, claimed that they were going to invade Europe. The JV-Islamist even detailed the tactics that were going to be used. They were simply going to flood Europe with refugees, and mingle terrorist among them. European leaders mocked and ridiculed and promoted the thought that terror would never come to their cities. A Roman news paper advised them not to come during the rush hour for the traffic would most certainly hold them up. Seven months later the Muslim immigrants are invading Europe by the tens of thousands even by-passing the 500,000 ISIS promised to send. Anyone would think that European leaders of the about-to-be-enslaved world would take notice. But no, these leaders believe their own rhetoric and think that these refugees are fleeing war torn Syria, forgetting about the refugees coming from places like Libya, Tunis, and Algeria and they don’t seem to notice how Christians are being killed en-mass when they try to leave with the Islamic hoard. The assault on Europe is about to turn into an attacks on European capitals the likes of which has not been seen since World War II. You may want to consider that this is also a crisis in the United States … How’s your Arabic?

Thanks again Les,



11 09 2015
101 Die at Grand Mosque in Mecca | Elisha Vision - Commentary

[…] Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists        (READ MORE) […]


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