Prophetic Super Bowl?

2 02 2012

Guest Post by Melinda Fuschetto (used and edited by permission)


I see a battle for our nation.  Both the Patriots and the Giants wear variations of RED, WHITE, and BLUE uniforms.  I also see a political significance in this presidential election year.


Patriot: 1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. 2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

The Israelite “patriots” took their land of promise through battle against the GIANTS in the land!  By defeating the giants, those patriots won their NATION’S inheritance!

David took out Goliath with a stone and cut off the GIANT’S head — a victory for the NATION.  A giant victory for this Israelite patriot, a man after God’s own heart.

The USA has giants that need to be defeated by those who love our country.  We need the army of God to arise in prayer!  Our victory will be determined by whether or not we are men after God’s own heart.  LORD, make us so!


This 2012 Super Bowl between the Patriots and the Giants is a rematch of Super Bowl XLII.  FOUR YEARS AGO, THE GIANTS WON. So in election year 2008, the Patriots lost to the Giants. Obama (giant government) won the election that year…the underdog Giants upset the undefeated Patriots. Likewise, Obama came out of nowhere to win the election.

This 2012 Super Bowl has the same quarterbacks and same coaches, on both teams, as in 2008. And the same political and spiritual/moral battle is being fought again in our nation.

Sadly in July the Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, lost his wife to cancer. The players are each wearing a patch with Myra’s initials. Myra means fragrant, as coming from myrrh.  It’s like the Patriots have anointed themselves with myrrh by wearing the patch.  Myrrh = bitter, Biblically: used as incense on the Golden Altar (altar of incense and prayer to Yehovah, located in the Tabernacle Holy Place); used as medicine (related to Balm of Gilead); a spice used in embalming; Magi gift to infant Jesus (the great Intercessor and Healer), and used for PURIFICATION of the bride, Esther :12. The picture we are to see is a fragrance to the LORD, even of the Bride, through PURIFICATION.

Sports commentators call the Giants “late-bloomers” this season. Current political polls show a closer race than expected against Barack Obama.


This year’s Super Bowl will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis.  When I see the word, OIL, I think of the anointing.

Lucas means arising to Him.  I personally see the significance of the stadium name, Lucas Oil, as anointing, arising to God.  The imagery of an altar fire reminds us of myrrh and the Golden Altar.

The word “altar” literally means the place of slaughter or sacrifice.  (I have nothing against the Giants football team, but if this is a prophetic picture of the battle for our nation, then I sure hope the Super Bowl sees the giants in our land slaughtered!)

5.  DATE: FEBRUARY 5, 2012

The date is significant also. 5 is the number of grace. 12 is the number of G-d’s government (02/5/2012 = 2+5+2+1+2=12) February means PURIFICATION. Remember, myrrh was used for purification of the bride.  Esther 2:12 It would be His grace and would purify us, too, to have G-d’s government.


The number ten (4+6=10) marks the culmination of what came before it and a new beginning. This marks the end of one season and the beginning of another. I confess that I would like to see the Patriots win, as an encouraging sign for the coming elections and for God’s government to be established in the White House.

Will our next season be better, or worse?

The last time the Giants and Patriots met was Super Bowl 42.  4+2=6. Six is the number of man.  I WANT OUR NEXT SEASON TO BE GOD’S GOVERNMENT!

PRAY! It has been TEN years since the terror attacks of 9/11/2001. Are we entering a new season? Many consider 9/11 to have been America’s wake-up call; that the judgment of God was on our doorstep. It was the loud, shaking call to REPENT.  Have we?

Prophetic voices continue to warn of judgment coming to the USA.  Repentance from our wicked ways is in no way complete.  In the past, I have heard Yehovah say: Judgment must still come. Even so, I believe that our nation’s REPENTANCE can lessen the judgment.

And if that nation, concerning which I have spoken, turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I intended to do to it.  Jeremiah 18:8 ESV

So are we about to face more widespread and greater judgment?  Or are the prayers of the remnant being heard and answered? It may be both.

As painful as judgment is, it could very well be the answer to our prayers for the nation to return to God.  Even in judgment against a nation, God’s people can be blessed, protected and spared; and even increased.

I pray for GODLY LEADERSHIP for our nation.  I pray for REVIVAL.  I pray MERCY.  But no matter what else I pray, I want the WILL OF GOD above all things — His WILL, HIS WAY, HIS TIMING.

I confess that I would like to see the Patriots win, because I would see it as a sign and would be encouraged for the coming elections and for God’s government to be established in the White House and in the Capitol.

(Celebrating almost 17 years on WPJL 1240 AM Raleigh: “PRAYER CLOCK Corporate Prayer Time” Praying for Revival in Raleigh Sundays at 11:15 pm Melinda Fuschetto)

Les Lawrence, Voice of Christian Zionists     (READ MORE)



5 responses

2 02 2012

Wow–great analogies, huh? As I began to read, I had the thought about 4 years ago in the 1st meeting that we got Obama when the Giants won, and then you said exactly what I was thinking in the 3rd paragraph!! Great minds think alike, Melinda (and Les).

My prayer is that Abba Yehovah will hear our prayers (2 Chron 7:14), see our humble & repentant hearts, and drive the Obama-nation out of office for good, with all of his minions as well, in Congress, the Courts, the state legislatures and courts, the money changers, and local city and county governments as well. WHERE ARE THE GODLY STATESMEN AND BUSINESS LEADERS IN THIS LAND???
Abba Father, DRIVE the ungodly demons and sin from our land, heal our land, heal our broken nation, FORGIVE OUR SELFISH SINFUL WAYS, restore our leaders, gov’t, businesses/economy, and people to walk & live in Your Light and Love and Holiness, fearing Your Name and walking before you and being blameless (in Yeshua)(Gen 17:1-2) as the seed of Abraham.

Would love to see you before you leave on your next trip, Les.
Golf would be even better…..Can you say Brevofield? 🙂
With all this great spring-summer like weather we’ve been having?
Don’t forget to send your new book my way for proofing and editing a bit earlier this time…


5 02 2012
Jane Daniel

In light of the outcome of the game today, I hope this analogy is a flight of fancy. I also hope it doesn’t imply that the Patriots will lose in the next election. However, I have a bad feeling about that! My prayer: Y’hova, Elohim, please remember mercy in your judgment. Make a distinction between the sacred and the profane. Protect your people Israel wherever they are, and your land and your Name. Even so, come, Adonai Y’shua.


6 02 2012



6 02 2012
Super Bowl Analogy Revisited « Elisha Vision – Commentary

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7 02 2012

As Todd Beamer stated, “Let’s Rock and Roll”, but this time let it be to right a sinking ship. Obama is not of God, though he profoundly was permitted to be placed where he is by God. I am going to do my best to see him removed and pray that I am on the same wave length as God. Hopefully we have been punished enough by this wretch of a man. This nation continues to have to sorely repent – each one of us. We paved the way for the huckster to get in there. We need to pave the way for his road out.


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