Shofar at the Tabernacle

16 09 2009

Picture 034Today we had a great tour of the island visiting several lighthouses and countless chamber of commerce scenic views of the ocean and cliffs and ponds and sheep and towns. We visited the area called Christiantown, which was originally called God Town and was populated in 1660 by a tribe of Indians who were Christian believers and were known as “the praying Indians”! We spoke a blessing over the deep roots of Jesus in the island.

Later, we visited the Chappaquiddick area and spoke the prophetic word that the prinicipality over Martha’s Vineyard has been removed! The island is now entering a new season of an open heaven.

The highlight of the day was our last stop at the old campmeeting grounds at Oak Bluffs. I am standing in front of the Tabernacle that was dedicated in 1879. The sign says: “Surely the presence of God is in this place.” God spoke to me 15 years ago on my first visit here that He has preserved this place for the Last Days Revival! We worshiped and I sounded the shofar multiple times and in many patterns and tones as a prophetic announcement of the new season. I also spoke in Hebrew: Bo ruach hakodesh Yahweh! The translation is: Come Holy Spirit of Yahweh! May it be done according to His word.



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