Welcome to the first issue of Israel E-Card

15 04 2007

ISRAEL E-CARD   Volume 1 Issue 1 April 15, 2007

Topic #1  Welcome to the first issue of Israel E-News Card

It is our opinion that most newsletters are never read in full because of their length. Therefore, we are offering a free update through this Israel E-News Card with a very short emphasis of our top choice or two of important prophetic/news events.

For three years we have been talking prophecy in a weekly local Raleigh, NC group called “The Issachar Forum, A Prophetic Think Tank”. The top subject has been the prophetic developments in Gaza. We are now in stage three of prophetic fulfillment. Chaos reigns in Gaza, but Judah will return! A downloadable brochure in PDF full color printable format is available free.

Gaza Prophetic Brochure – Go to http://www.shalompeniel.com

Topic #2   Jerusalem’s 40th Anniversary

This June, Doreen and I are rejoicing to celebrate our own 40th Anniversary in Jerusalem with the city’s 40th! Bob Jones, a widely accepted prophetic voice, said in January that June 2007 would be a major change in Israel. For 40 years they have based their decisions on humanism. This June God will start making decisions for Israel.



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