“Innocent Or Infidel?”

15 02 2008

ISRAEL E-CARD   Volume 2 Issue 4 February 15, 2008

Topic #1  Where is the media coverage?

Last Sunday an 8 year old Israeli boy was hit by a Kassam rocket fired from Gaza into Israel. He lost one leg and has been in an induced coma all week while doctors try to save his other leg. This is an unspeakable atrocity! Where is the UN condemnation of this crime? Where is the TV coverage? Have you heard about it in the news? No. It is not a story to the world’s media. Their storyline is only about “the poor youth in Gaza who dies at the oppressive hand of the Israeli occupiers”, (even though they have not occupied Gaza for several years now since the withdrawal).

There is an indisputable fact in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Palestinian terrorists intentionally target civilians for maximum terror effect. That’s why they are called terror—ists! It is their stated cowardly policy. Yet Israel never purposely tries to kill civilians. They only die because of proximity to terrorists. Of course, even this is intentional by the terrorists, since they use children to retrieve rocket launchers and hide their bombs in civilian areas and homes. This, too, is tragedy.

Topic #2   Do Islamists Kill Innocent babies and children?

Islamic spokesmen deny with mock indignation when asked if they target innocents.  What they don’t tell you is their definition of innocents. No infidel (non-Muslim or apostate Muslim) is ever innocent! Even the youngest baby will grow up to be a warrior against Islam and is therefore a valid target of holy jihad. They rejoice and hand out candy!

Yesterday, AP News carried a nine paragraph story about a disabled Arab man who was shot as Israel was attempting to arrest a terrorist in Jenin. This is always news.

“For I have no pleasure in the death of one who dies, says the Lord GOD (Yahweh). Therefore turn and live!”       Ezekiel 18:32



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